Thursday, December 31, 2009

Afghan Women Achivements in USA

War destroyed the country, but fortunately could not expunge Afghan women's talent and ambition. The talent is rising every day from different parts of the world and achieves a great honor for the country.
I was reading ACCC website and realized graduation of afghan women in such a tight place like Kandahar. I think we as an Afghan should thank ACCC for providing such an  incredible opportunity for women, and deliver huge credit and support for women in Kandahar to keep up doing what they are doing. They should admit that Afghans around the world are aware of their amazing work and are really proud.
Moreover; afghan women are not limited inside Afghanistan, they are spread around the world and working hard to achieve and honor women and the country.
To verify this fact, I was going through different universities' website and realized most of achievements had been handed in to Afghan women. It is not because universities are playing politics or trying to motive afghan women to stand up, but because afghans are talented, intelligent, energetic and have the obsession to learn and achieve. They want to prove to the world that Afghan women can do and have the ability to accomplish.
We have a couple of hardworking Afghan women like  Sonia Eqbal, Palwasha Mirbacha, Nadima Sahar and Adela Raz in Simmons College and Richmond University. They are doing an outstanding  job and received a number of different awards which not only me, but all of afghans around the world should be proud of. 
Afghanistan is in deep need of these young, talented, intelligent, energetic afghan women. They are working firmly towards their responsibilities and can't wait to return to serve that broken land.
Some of them are already in Afghanistan and some are studying their Masters. They know their mother land is waiting for them to return and hand in to what they were sent of. 
So, let's look at their great achievements   

Palwasha Mirchacha and Adela Raz
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  1. WE all PROUD of these afghan Girls

    1. A girl who loses her ISLAM & culture will never be AFGHAN anymore like them

    2. Oh shut up. Knowledge is the foundation of Islam, as women are the foundation of society. If a society is so DISEASED as to treat their mothers, daughters and sisters like ignorant cattle, they are HEROS for going elsewhere to seek enlightenment. Do NOT equate Afghan culture with Islam, as we have lost our way a long time ago to the sounds of bombs and war planes.