Monday, December 28, 2009

Why do you think this child is crying?

Do you think she is crying, because
     - She lost her family,
      - She is hungry,
      - She is beaten,
      - She is victimized,
      - She is kidnapped,
      - She is sold,
      - She is lost,
      - She is exchanged for food, or
      - She is scared of explosion ,
There are thousand reasons to why children are crying in Afghanistan. I only named some of them, but i would like you to look at the photo again, think a bit deeper and then write; why do you think this child is crying?
God Bless Afghanistan!


  1. You know the poor families child are really suffering .In this cold wether wish cold water they are washing car e.t.c for very less amonth of money unfortunatly.It really sounds bad .

  2. Oh i wish we could have done something to help them.

  3. Remembering and sharing the facts and realities in our holy land would, on one hand calms our sorrowed hearts and on the other at least show the world that we know what is going on there, we know the reason for poverty and destitution there. every bumb/rocket or an explosive fires in Afghanistan i feel as if it fires right on my body. i Feel the pain when innocent individual dies i feel the cells in my body dies. any ways. Thank you hope we can do something about it.


  4. What can we do to actually help these children? Watching their misery and reading about it spreads the word but it doesnt change the situation. what can we do to help?

  5. We can do a lot for these children. we can donate clothes, medication, shelter, toys, and finally sponsor a child for $10 a month... this will change their lives, however it does not impact ours.

  6. Hi Tehera, I really want to sponser a child in Afghanistan but am unsure of how to do it. Could you tell me the organisation that you are refering to in the above post?

    Thanks for your help.

  7. UNICEF, MSF, or any other charity which helps the children in Afghanistan.