Saturday, February 27, 2010

Life after Taliban Regime

After collapse of Taliban regime, Afghanistan first democratic presidential election took place in October 2004. Hamid Karzai has been elected as president of Afghanistan. Ten million Afghans, more than a third of the country, registered to vote, including more than 40% of eligible women. Karzai was declared the winner in November, taking 55% of the vote, and was inaugurated in December.  Second presidential elections were held on August 20, 2009. More than 30 candidates challenged incumbent Karzai, with Abdullah Abdullah as the most formidable contender. Karzai was declared the winner on Nov. 5 and began his second five-year term as president
Back to School
has the highest primary school enrollment in its history.  Since January 2003, almost 4 million children are back to school. The number is increasing. People are knocking education centers in every corner. Only in two districts of Afghanistan more than 1500 women and 1325 men participated in literacy courses. After Taliban regime, not only children but also adults returned to schools and education centers. People are welcoming “Back to school” programs because it not only educate people, but also provides an opportunity for adults to share their own solutions to the problems they face in the community.

Women in the Society
During Taliban regime, women had the worse time in Afghanistan history. They were forbidden to work and leave the house with out escort. Seeking medical treatment from a male doctor was out of question. They had to be covered from head to toe including eyes. The women who were doctors, teachers, and engineers were prison at their own houses; they either end up being beggars or prostituters to feed their families. But since fall of Taliban, the women situation has been improved considerably.

Women are now given equal rights as men in the country. They are no longer prison at their own houses. They are back to society and work. Government also does not force them to cover, or wear burqa. Most of women returned to government jobs like ministries and parliament. It looks like collapse of Taliban has given life to million dead bodies of afghan women. They are as busy as men on development side of the country. Today you can find women in every corner of the country engage with an activity. Some are back to universities, some are to militaries, some to parliament, some to airlines as stewards, and some are attending available courses to accelerate their language and driving skills.
Life and entertainment has returned to Afghanistan after Taliban regime. Population in the country is increasing. Most of young and energetic boys and girls are joining the world of sports. They are working hard to participate in Olympic Games through which they can battle for the country's honor and flog out as winners. It is a pleasure to be witness that
Afghanistan hit the world of championship for cricket today and the credit defiantly should be given to all these energetic young generation.
Since aliban’s elimination; Afghanistan has tasted the joy of freedom and prosperity. It is functioning smoothly and people are excited with the alterations. Today Afghanistan again has a film and television industry. The museum is open and the old center is being rebuilt. Economic is boosting, money is changed, and freedom of media came back to life.  Developments and infrastructures are underway and population is increasing with returnees. Despite all these changes many challenges still remain. The recent suicide attacks in the country took the color of joys and happiness from people’s faces. People are trying to avoid crowded places and stay indoors as much as possible. But they believe the government and foreign troops are there to help and can’t wait to have a peaceful country soon back.


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