Sunday, April 18, 2010

NATO- The Second Enemy After Taliban!

Afghanistan is becoming a grave yard. Innocent people including women and children are losing their lives in every corner of the country. Sometimes they are shield to Taliban to fight with NATO and sometimes they are killed by NATO, mistaken for Taliban.
People lost hope. They do not trust foreign troops any more. In every afghan network and communication centers, people are rolling the same questions over and over. Why are NATO killing innocent people including women and children? Why do they use the cover of “Mistake”? Why are people always having to be fooled with the same reply “the case is under investigation”?
However, if a(n) American, British, Australian soldier is injured or kidnapped, the whole world shakes and people spend thousands of dollars on investigating the case, but when it comes to Afghanistan, the truth is hidden. Why?
After first denying involvement, US forces admit killing two pregnant afghan women, one mother of ten; another mother of six and a teenager on February 12th. Afghan investigators told The Times of London that US soldiers tried to cover up the killings and reportedly dug the bullets out of victims’ bodies, then washed the wounds with alcohol. However, NATO officials claimed that women had already been killed hours before the raid.  The area of incident was sealed off from 4:00 a.m., when they first arrived, until 11:00 a.m. that morning. That’s more than seven hours. So it’s not exactly clear, still not clear, why the US Special Forces would have stayed on location for such a long time.
NATO also admitted killing five Afghans civilians, including three women on a home in Gardez. The joint American and Afghan assault team shot five Afghans - all family members - from the roofs of buildings in a large residential compound near Gardez, in southeastern Afghanistan.
On December 27th another incident took place in eastern kunar, when ten Afghans, eight of them schoolchildren, were killed. According to the Times of London, US-led troops dragged innocent children from their beds and shot them during a nighttime raid. Afghan government investigators said the eight students were aged from eleven to seventeen, all but one of them from the same family.
And the recent incident on Monday 12th April in Kandahar, when US attacked on passenger bus. Five Afghan civilians have been killed and another eighteen wounded. The bus driver and a passenger told  The New York Times a US convoy opened fire just as the bus began pulling over to the side of the road to allow another military convoy to pass. The bus was full of civilian passengers when US troops opened fire. All of the windows on one side of the bus were shot out. Some of the wounded were left in critical condition, and the death toll could rise.
These are the tragic incidents which NATO in some cases denied and in some others admitted responsibilities. People are demanding answers, but not even a single hearing happened so far.

Let’s see what people have to say about NATO!


  1. NATO is only a killer and terrorgroup. they kill always woman and children without compassion. They like kill

  2. NATO is the WORST Massakerterrorgrpoup of the WORLD

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  4. Second, good governance and rule of law can only go so far when the most basic humanitarian needs of a population are not met. Civilians who are struggling for basic shelter, food, and medical care for months at a time are not going to be "stabilized" by the announcement of new governors or the development of civilian control centers.
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